About Aussie Doc Freedom

Who is Aussie Doc Freedom?

I am a staff specialist doctor, getting serious about investing since 2017.  I work part-time and am a full-time mum of two little boys.

I’m also not a financial saint, who has been saving and investing since my first job.  I have always been a good saver…. in order to spend lavishly on travel and experiences.

After returning from parental leave, I had that slightly panicky feeling that we needed to catch up.  After two lots of maternity leave, and some extended time off work to travel I felt behind financially.  My partner is a stay at home parent with no interest in finance and investing, so it was up to me.

My Investment Education so Far.

A weekend away alone in a hotel gave me the mental space to read the Barefoot investor.  I made a plan.  Opened a micro investment account and set up a direct debit.  The ball was set in motion.

I have always had an interest in finance, but before kids simply focussed on paying down the mortgage, and salary sacrificing into super.

I needed a real investment plan.  We had tried financial advice once, and it didn’t go well.  I had been convinced to switch my super – and pay 4% fees (I’m embarassed to admit!)

I consumed every financial blog I could find, and was frustrated that most of them was American, with the Aussie FIREbug being the only Australian blog I could find at the time.

It wasn’t too long before I was getting frustrated that the blog articles I read were either US based or rehashing the same concepts.  I had questions I could not find answers to.  I read countless books on all areas of investing.

That’s when the idea or starting my own blog started tumbling around my head.

Starting a Blog

After around two years of ignoring the urge, I got around to buying a domain and setting up Aussie Doc.  Again, with the benefit of some quiet time alone in a hotel!

There are several reasons I started Aussie Doc.

1.  I saw a need for an Australian based blog for doctors.

2. Was looking for a new personal challenge (and got more than I bargained for!)  Could I really build a website?  Was it possible to create a stream of income online?

3.  I was researching every financial move I made so thoroughly, I might as well share it as I went along.

4. Wanting to share the silly mistakes I make so that others can avoid the same.

The blog is still pretty rough around the edges.  Sometimes things break or don’t work.  I’m still working on overcoming the technical challenges!

Medics and other High Income Professionals are Seen as Financial Targets

Bad financial decisions often start with a free pen at a medical school or postgraduate training event!  So many colleagues get ripped off, make poorly thought out financial decisions, and take terrible advice.

Unfortunately, trusting someone else completely with your financial affairs often ends in tears and regret.  Investors really need to educate themselves to some extent.  But it’s far easier than it seems at first.  The financial world, just like in medicine, seems to have created a lot of jargon to appear more exclusive.

The funny thing is, research tells us that the simplest investing creates the best results long -term.

Why Am I Anonymous?

For now at least, Aussie doc freedom will remain anonymous, because talking about money is taboo, in the medical world even more so.

My employer has also been assured the blog is anonymous.  If you recognise me from my stories, feel free to let me know what you think, but otherwise please protect my anonymity.

With the option of anonymity, social media has encouraged people to start sharing their financial disasters.  I feel empowered to speak to my reader as if you are a best friend, who I can be 100% open with.

My Investment Journey so Far

In 2017, we had a reasonable amount in super, a new home with 90% loan and no cash.  I have a strong income being at the peak of my career, and we have achieved a lot in 4 years.  In 2021, we are the proud owners of two investment properties, a small but growing share portfolio outside super and are well on our way to fully offsetting our home loan.

The Plan from Here

I have no financial qualifications, and offer no advice apart from making conscious decisions with your money, educate yourself, and be very careful who you take advice from.

This blog will publish regular posts, around topics I’ve learned and found useful along the way.  Often, I wish I had known many of these ten years earlier.  I am starting a monthly M&M – Money and Mistakes.  I’m trying to convince some brave souls to confess their financial errors for you to learn from.

I will continue to lay out my deliberations when making my investment decisions – and follow these up with updates on performance over the years.

Check out my step by step guide on how to build wealth and major financial mistakes to avoid.

I hope you find these resources useful.  Please provide some feedback and requests for topics in the comments sections.

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