About Aussie Doc...


I am an Australian specialist doctor, just getting serious on my investing journey.  I plan to remain anonymous, because talking about money is  taboo.  In the medical world perhaps even more so. 

With the option of anonymity, social media has encouraged people to start sharing their financial disasters and in doing so, warn others.   Bad financial decisions often start with a free pen at a medical school or postgraduate training event!  So many colleagues get ripped off, make poorly thought out financial decisions, and take terrible advise. 

Others unconsciously splash cash for decades but are left counting down the days until they can access super, wishing they could leave a post they no longer enjoy. And then, occasionally you meet a doctor who seems to make conscious decisions, can take months off work to travel despite a resident wage and is already living the exact life they desire. 

I have no financial qualifications, and offer no advise apart from to make conscious decisions with your money, educate yourself, and be very careful who you take advise from!

I plan to publish regular posts, around topics I’ve learned and found useful along the way.  Often, I wish I had known many of these ten years earlier.  You can make a big difference to your financial future, even if not yet earning much, by consistently spending less than you earn, investing the difference, making carefully thought out decisions and avoiding getting ripped off. 

I will layout my deliberations when making my investment decisions – and follow these up with updates on performance over the years.  I will not be getting into technical analysis.  I suspect a lot of investment complexities are made to confuse and really don’t think they are necessary for a good outcome over the long term.

I hope you find these resources useful, and will use the comments boxes to make suggestions and point out any hacks I haven’t thought of.

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