Best Gift Ideas for Doctors

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Have you been racking your brain, trying to find a gift for a doctor? Here is some guidance on buying gifts for doctors, and the very best gift ideas for doctors, with purchasing link. Get your gift chosen confidently and quickly.

Doctors can be difficult to buy for. They are known to earn a pretty good income, and most love to spend it too! What can you buy a doctor you know that won’t break the bank, but is bound to be a big hit?

I will outline gift ideas for doctors from patients, training doctors, family and friends. By the end of the article, you should know what you want to get as a gift, and know where to purchase it quickly and easily.

Best Gift Ideas for Doctors from Patients

If you have received treatment from a private physician, you will have paid the fee for this service. If receiving care from a public doctor, they will receive payment for this service from medicare and/or yourself. This seems obvious, but I feel the need to reinforce that you do not owe the doctor anything.

The most valued gift is one of appreciation. A handwritten note thanking them for their work (particularly if they have gone beyond what they are paid for) really is a wonderful gift to receive. I have still kept letters written by patients years ago. Having worked in both private (briefly) and public medicine, I was struck by the difference in perception and gratitude of patients between the two services! Public hospital and general practitioners are definitely underappreciated! Once patients pay hundreds of dollars for the same doctor and service, they seem to appreciate it far more. From my limited experiences, the rigorous quality control mechanisms public health services use can feel a lot like constant nitpicking! There is little positive feedback received by staff, and it is so appreciated when received.

If you send a letter of appreciation, or a small gift, remember to include the rest of the team. No doctor works alone, and their supporting team of nursing and other staff can get forgotten.

If you are determined to buy a gift, consumable gifts generally go down well so some extra special tea room treats* will never go to waste!

Best Gift Ideas for Doctors from Colleagues

Have you had a supervisor who has gone above and beyond the necessary to support you in what has been a very difficult year? Are you thinking about buying a gift to thank you and looking for the best gift ideas for doctors?

Again, a simple thank you, or card* with a personal note is the appropriate option in the vast majority of cases. Other options are tricky, and may even be uncomfortable or verge on professional boundaries if too generous. YOu may not know much about your supervisors likes or dislikes, and they may have expensive and specific tastes in wine!

If you want to give something, again consumables are probably the most guaranteed to be a success. Coffee is of course the international currency for doctors. If you’re a baker, a homemade cake or biscuits can be shared amongst staff to celebrate your colleague’s awesomeness.

Best Gift Ideas for Doctors from Family and Friends

Do you have a doctor amongst your family or friends that you are looking to buy a gift for Christmas, birthday or another special occasion?

Doctoring can be thirsty work, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has lost their water bottle…again. Get your doctor friend a personalised water bottle so it’s easy to keep hydrated on a busy shift.

Washing your hands every 5 minutes with hospital soap and rubbing alcohol are so harsh on your hands. L’Occitane hand cream feels really luxurious and this set contains a perfect tube to carry in scrub pockets.

A little pricey, but sure to be appreciated. This gorgeous doctor’s bag could be a wonderful gift from the doctor’s spouse.

If your doctor friend is about to discover nights for the first time (or is struggling with sleep), I thoroughly recommend this super comfortable eye mask. It’s so important to get good rest between shifts, and blocking out the light helps a lot. I have discovered most eye masks are pretty annoying, this is the best I’ve found. It blocks the light really well, has great quality fabric and feels quite luxurious. It will also help the all-important ear plugs stay in!


Best Gift Ideas for Doctors who Are Graduating

Your newly graduated doctor is often thrilled with anything Doctor-y! They’ve been studying for 6+ years to finally call themselves a doctor. It’s not cool to show off, but after such an achievement, everyone likes to pat themselves on the back.

A special pen engraved with the doctors title, name and qualifications is a perfect gift for the home desk.

Anatomical jewellery such as this heart pendant are super cool for the budding cardiologist.
This novelty mug would make a perfect secret santa gift for the doctor with poor handwriting!

Best Gift Ideas for Doctors who Are Going on Parental Leave

The Little doctors series are an adorable collection of board books for babies. Here is the link for the Neurology for babies book, but there are plenty more adorable topics.

A book all about baby, and personalised with their own name will be enjoyed over and again.

A beautifully soft and fluffy towel to wrap the precious little one in is a safe present that is practical too.

Best Gift Ideas for Doctors who Are Retiring

Have you been tasked with buying the retiring doctor a fitting gift? If the good doctor is going traveling, a top notch first aid kit will provide all the equipment needed in an emergency.

A good quality pair of ear conduction ear phones are an ideal gift for the active doc who wants to listen to music or podcasts on the go.

Remember, if the doctor is not your friend or relative, a heart felt note will be the most appropriate gift in most situations. There are plenty of suggestions above of the best gift ideas for doctors to choose from.

Get your gift chosen and purchased and wrap it (can I suggest ). Before you go, check out this blog on how to actually stick to a Christmas budget.

Are you a doctor and have other gift suggestions? What is your favourite gift you have received from a patient or student?


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