How to Improve Your Returns? # Invest Like a Girl

invest like a girl

I got the chance this week to guest post over at the amazing US investing doctor’s site – The White Coat Investor. I stumbled across the White Coat Investor’s “Live like a Resident” article many years ago.

The idea resonated with me and gave me confidence in rejecting the “doctors’ lifestyle” to pursue a life focused on our values.

When first trying to work out how to start my investment journey, the task seemed overwhelming. The media often portray the stock market as a grand casino, fueled by testosterone, sexism, and cocaine!

Sites targeting female readers often focus on cutting spending, paying down debt, or worse, use shopping and fashion analogies to explain financial concepts (so that ladies can understand?!) Improving financial literacy is a worthy goal, but the readers of this site are intelligent, ambitious and capable.

I can’t be the only woman who has felt patronized, discouraged, and intimidated by the world of investing.

What Does it Mean to Invest Like a Girl

The funny thing is, there is actually a lot of evidence that women who dare to invest perform, on average, better than men.

More female finance professionals and role models are needed to move the perception of investing away from a man’s sport. The readers of this blog, and our colleagues, are intelligent, educated high-income earners. We need to learn to invest and have the confidence to actually turn those high salaries into wealth. I hope our daughters will feel as empowered and strong as those in this video.

Throw like a girl, run like a girl and invest like a girl

Inspired by the #likeagirl campaign, I explored what it really meant to “Invest like a girl”.

I had a hunch that women would on average, have temperaments more suited to being good long-term investors. I was quite surprised by the amount of studies I found supporting this. And really confused as to why I had never heard of any of them before.

We all have different risk tolerance and confidence levels. Regardless of your gender, I think investors can learn from the research into women investors and the factors associated with improved investment performance.

Read the full article outlining the evidence about what behaviours makes women investors perform better.

Aussie Doc Freedom is not a financial adviser and does need offer any advice.  Information on this website is purely a description of my experiences and learning.  Please check with your independent financial adviser or accountant before making any changes.

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