Planning for a Bright Future: How to Invest

Life is busy for doctors and other professionals. Many don’t really know where to start with how to invest.  This can delay their investing journey by several years, as they just don’t have time to work it out.  These professionals can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result.

The good news is that investing should be simple. 

If you have the money management side sorted and have grown a gap between income and expenditure allowing you to save a good emergency fund you have done the hardest part. 

Don’t be intimidated by the next step. 

There is no perfect investment, and no-one is able to tell you which asset class will perform the best over the next decade. 

Articles will warn you of investment “Red flags”.  Doctors and other high income professionals are often tricked into dodgy investments where they can lose all their money, or be charged excessive fees which have the effect of stealthily siphoning hundreds of thousands of dollars from returns over decades. 

My aim is to present things to avoid, simple investment options and where to find more information. 

Professional advise should be sought and paid for to confirm choices are appropriate for you. 


How to Invest Articles

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