How to Tempt Your UK Doctor Mates to Move to Australia

move to australia

I did the move to Australia as a naive 2nd year doctor. It was an impulsive move, unusual for me, based on an opportunity that came up to follow a friend. My entire life pivoted on that random decision to bum around (and work) in Australia for a year. I normally love to plan with intentionality, inching ever closer to my “Perfect life”.

For me was a distant 15 years ago now.  Like many poms, I just couldn’t leave the lucky country.  And now, quite frankly, I’m too spoiled to work in the NHS again! The move to Australia was one of the best decisions I have made.

I guest posted recently at The Female Money Doctor, a UK GP with an interest in all things finance. I outlined the Australian health system for UK doctors, and an in depth comparison between pay for junior doctors in both countries.

Check the article out, and share it with the Pommie mates you’d like to move to Australia!

Have any readers’ moved here from overseas? Was it a good move, do you have any regrets?

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