How To Avoid Getting Carried Away With Property FOMO

Would you like to purchase the property of your dreams, without getting carried away with FOMO, paying too much or ...
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stamp duty changes

Stamp Duty Changes: What do they Mean for You?

The high fees involved are the biggest impediment to property purchases in Australia. Recent stamp duty changes are sure to ...
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empowered wealth

Empower Wealth Review: A Year of Property Investment in Review

This article is one of a series of articles outlining my experiences as a client, and an Empower Wealth review ...
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hoose Hope: How to Defeat Coronavirus with Stubborn Optimism

Do I Regret Investing in Property

Read the Prequels: Property vs Shares: Why I chose to invest in property and then Getting the Experts in: Empower ...
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Doctor specialty training maternity leave

Independent Empower Wealth Review: Getting the Property Experts in.

I had carefully considered whether to invest in property or shares and decided to invest in property.  Empower Wealth is ...
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Should i pay for a buyers agent

Why I sucked it Up and Paid for Professional Property Advise

Why I Sucked it Up and Paid for Professional Property Investment Advise Everyone I know who has invested in property ...
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